5 Things Every Retail Store’s Security System Needs

Having served both Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 15 years, we at Bullet Security know first-hand what 5 things every retail store’s security system needs to thrive… especially in a [...]

The 5 Things Your Apartment Building Security System Needs

Having served Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 15 years, you could say that we at Bullet Security know everything you need for apartment building security. Today, our team of experts are [...]

3 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Home Security

You upgrade other key features of your home as-needed, whether it be appliances, furniture, or supplies. So why should your home security system (arguably the most important feature your home [...]

Why A Home Security System is The Perfect Christmas Gift

Your home is a precious thing – a sanctuary where you can rest, rejuvenate and regroup after a long day at work or out running errands around town. Home is where we feel safe, so it’s important [...]

Keep Your Building Secure with Intercom Security Bars

It’s a troubling trend around Victoria – an increase in break-ins and thefts through intercom tampering. Thieves will break into a building’s intercom system, reset the system [...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe This Holiday Season

Everybody knows that the holiday season is accompanied with an increase in crime. This is particularly true in uncertain times such as now, with more unemployment and reduced business hours. [...]

Why You Should Review Your Business Security During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our business’s security can often slip to the back of our minds – we set the alarm at night, and pretty much forget about it until something goes wrong. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused [...]

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Home Security During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ideally, everyone feels safe in their home on a daily basis. But the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in our communities that has impacted home security. Increases in [...]

How To Keep Your Business and Home Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of changes to our communities – from businesses temporarily closing their doors, to people staying at home to keep our cities safe and healthy. But [...]

3 Security Camera Benefits For Your Business You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

When owning a business, it’s smart to create a mental checklist to make sure you have everything under control. It’s easy to focus on the safety and wellbeing of your staff and clients, but how [...]

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