Kantech KTES Intercom Quick Start Guide

Adding Users to the Intercom

Step 1:  Log in to Entrapass

-Open the Workstation icon on the Windows Desktop if not already running
-Then click the green icon in the top left corner to log in.


Step 2: Navigate to the “User” menu

– After logging in you will be taken to the “Desktop” which shows an event log
– Click on the “Users” tab at the top of the screen:


Step 3: Navigate to the “Tenant Lists”

– From the “Users” tab a new sub-menu will appear,
– Click on the “Tenant Lists” icon on the far right:


Step 4: Select the Tenant List

– The Tenants List window will appear after clicking the icon,
– Use the drop-down menu to select the Tenant List for the building:


Step 5 : Make Changes


Section #1 – The only button in this section you’ll need is the floppy disk to save changes (2nd button from the left). NEVER CLICK THE RED “X” IN SECTION #1 –YOU COULD DELETE THE ENTIRE LIST***

Section #2 – This is the list of all Tenants. To EDIT a tenant, click on them in the list and all their info will appear in Section #4. If you have unsaved changes, the tenant will be highlighted blue and the floppy disk from Section #1 will turn black until you click on it to save.

Section #3 –Click “Add” to create a new entry. Click a tenant in the list, then “X Remove” to delete an entry.

Section #4 – Tenant Information
– Tenant Name – how it will be displayed on the intercom
– Tenant ID – the dial code on the intercom to call the tenant (4 digits)
– First phone number – the 1st phone number the intercom will dial (“1” needed for long distance)
– Second phone number (OPTIONAL – if the first number does not answer, it will call this number)
– Extended Ring – used if a 2nd phone number is entered so the 1st #’s voicemail doesn’t pick up
– Remember to click save in Section #1 once you’ve finished making changes!

Step 6 : Save

Click the disk icon in the top left to save


Deleting a User

Select a user from the list by clicking, then click the “X remove” button at the bottom.  Be careful not to click the red X at the top or it will delete the entire tenant list.


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