Mircom TX3 Intercom

Mircom’s TX3 Electronic Directory Telephone Access Systems are designed to provide primary resident/visitor access control for condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings with up to 2000 residents or users.

Available in a surface Universal enclosure and a flush Continental enclosure, these units come complete with a microphone, tamper resistant speaker and have provisions for a postal lock and color camera to be installed.

The Universal Series enclosure features a built-in rain hood and is constructed of a heavy gauge stainless steel. This unit can be used in a lobby or outdoors and supports surface, semi-flush or pedestal mount applications.The Continental Series enclosure is constructed of a heavy gauge stainless steel and is primarily designed for indoor applications.

These TX3 systems feature a large back-lit 8 line by 20 character electronics LCD display that scrolls a banner message as well as the resident names and dial codes. The enclosures also feature a 16 digit backlit telephone style keypad with dedicated operational buttons for Page Up, Page Down, Call and Info. In addition, the system features a configurable multilingual display and voice prompts with a choice of English, Spanish, or French-Canadian.


  •  Remote programming and maintenance via Internet
  • Large 8 line by 20 character scrolling directory makes it easy to find a resident
  • Rainhood for outdoor applications
  • Surface or semi-flush mounting options
  • Integrated postal lock
  • Available in 200, 1000, and 2000 name capacities



TX3 Slimline Surface Mount 4 line LCD display $2595
TX3 Surface Mount 8 line LCD display $3595
TX3 Flush Mount 8 line LCD display $3595
TX3-IP module (allows remote access via Internet) $495
TH-102 – heater module – for cold weather installations $685
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