iVMS-4200 Walkthrough for Mac

Initial Setup

Step 1: Start the iVMS-4200 app either from Launchpad or by going into Finder, under the Applications folder and click the ExacqVision icon “edvrclient”

HIK MAC – Step 01

Step 2: When prompted to enter a Username and password, please enter one you can remember and check the enable auto-login so it doesn’t require a password each time you start the iVMS app.

HIK MAC – Step 02

Step 3: Cancel the wizard

HIK MAC – Step 03

Step 4: Click Device Management

HIK MAC – Step 04

Step 5: Click Add

HIK MAC – Step 05

Step 6: Fill out the information as given to you by your Bullet Security Cameras installer

HIK MAC – Step 06

Step 7: Check that the Serial # appears – this shows you that the connection was successful.

HIK MAC – Step 07

Step 8 : Click Control Panel, then Main View

HIK MAC – Step 08

Step 9 : Expand the folder to see your cameras

HIK MAC – Step 09

Step 10 : Drag and drop cameras into the empty windows on the right – either individually one by one, or as a group by dragging and dropping the folder icon

HIK MAC – Step 10

Step 11: Click the view icon to select how many cameras are shown

HIK MAC – Step 11

Playback of Recorded Video

Step 1: Select Remote Playback from the Configuration Menu

HIK MAC – Step 12

Step 2: Click the down arrow as shown to see the camera list

HIK MAC – Step 13

Step 3 : Check the box next to the camera you want to search, then select the date on the calendar, and click Search


Step 4 : Change the # of displayed cameras using this button

HIK MAC – Step 11

Step 5 : Click and drag the timeline left and right.  The orange marks indicate when recordings took place.

HIK MAC – Step 15

Downloading (Exporting) Recorded Video

Step 1: Right click the Screen and select “Download”

HIK MAC – Step 17

Step 2: Select the clips you want and click Download

HIK MAC – Step 18

Step 3: Once you have start the download you will see the progress bar

HIK MAC – Step 19

Video exporting will begin immediately, and the file will be saved to your computer.

For more info you can download the Full User manual from our support page, or feel free to contact us


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