Remote Utilities Quick Start Guide

Install Remote Utilities

Step 1: Go to https://www.remoteutilities.com/download/ and click on the
respective operating system you’re using (Windows, Mac, etc).

Step 2 : Click the “Download Viewer” in Green


Step 3 : Click “Installable Viewer”


Step 3 : Download and “Run” the program once it’s finished downloading and go through the installation steps.
Once installed and opened, you should see a screen like this:


Step 5 : Click the “Help” tab, then “Get Free License”


Step 6. A window will pop up where you can enter your name / a business or building name, and an email

Step 7. You will then receive an email with a License Key attachment which you can save and upload to the software by clicking the “License Key Storage” button:

Step 8 : From here, you can double click the “Add Connection” button and enter the following info:

-Name of Connection : (This can be the building name, or whatever you’d like to call the connection)
-Internet ID : (This is provided to you by Bullet Security)


For more info please feel free to contact us


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