Kantech Server Prep Guide

Below are the steps to preconfigure a Lenovo M93p mini PC for Kantech:

1. Mash F12 on power up to enter BIOS settings

2. Enter Setup-> Power Tab, change “After power loss” to “Power on”, F10 to save, then Enter to restart.

3. Configure Windows User for “Personal Use”, then “Offline Account”, then “Limited Experience”, Username “Bullet” and click NEXT when prompted for password.  Skip or use the features offered to simplify the install.

4. Install Chrome: http://www.google.ca/chrome

5. Install TeamViewer: http://www.bulletcam.ca/tv – TeamViewer Host will auto-download. Configure with username and password in Evernote (may need authy code from cam/scott).

In TeamViewer setup, leave default PC name and give the standard password.  Record in table at the end of this note

6. Install Remote Utilities Host only http://www.remoteutilities.com/download . Record password in Evernote.

7. Right-click to select Settings for host on Remote Utilities from desktop tray (^ icon in bottom right).
Under Internet-ID connection, click Configure -> Get New ID to generate new Internet ID. Record below

8. <Install ScottBox – more info coming soon>
9. Configure ScottBox

Don’t install it yet, we just need a serial # for this step.

11. Set Windows Power Settings.  Start Menu -> “Power” -> Power & Sleep Settings change all things to “NEVER”

12. Set Time. Start Menu -> “time” ->” Change Date & Time” -> Select Time Zone.

13. Download the Bullet Logo Wallpaper  https://bulletsecurity.ca/dl/bullet%20wallpaper%201920X1080.jpg and set it as the desktop background.

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