Technician Tools

2GIG Installer Manual
2GIG manuals

Axis Firmware – Web based FTP

ACTi IP Utility v3.5.23
ACTi IP Utility v4.2.04

DSC Takeover Guide
DSC NEO Reference Manual (programming and installation)

DynDNS updater (update client)

Exacq – how to fix .ini bug in MAC client

HIKVision Tech Support Portal – Tools, Firmware, etc

HIK DS2CD2xx2 firmware 5.02_130805
HIK DS2CD2xx2 firmware 5.2
HIK DS2CD2xx2 firmware 5.3
HIK DS2CD2xx2 firmware 5.4
HIK Turbo HD DVR firmware v3.1.13 Zip [dav file only]
HIK Custom Firmware for Exacq for DS-6716HQHI-SATA Encoder

HIK DS-2CD4526FWD-IZH v5.4 firmware

HIK FTP Upload Snapshot Guide

Internet Explorer (IE) Compatibilty Guide
iOn plunger 2GIG programming guide

IPConfigure Orchid User QuickStart Guide
IPConfigure Orchid Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 Guide
IPConfigure Orchid User Guide

Kantech Entrapass SE and KTES Quick Start Guide

Mircom TX3 Configurator v2.0.7
Mircom TX3 Intercom Guide (direct from Intercom)
Mircom Access Control Guide

NTP Server : time.nrc.ca, time.microsoft.com

Port Forwarding Guide (common models) – updated Oct 2016

Port Forwarding Bell Router (Vanmar)

TeamViewer Custom Host Download

Exacq Ports : 80, 22609
HIK Ports : 80, 8000, 10554 TCP
DM Ports : 80,5000 or 8234-8235
Pelco Ports : 80, 9001-9005 (TCP)
DigiOp Ports : 7000, 8000-8003, 9000-9001, 3000 (all TCP)
Axis ACS Ports 11007, 55752, 55753 (TCP)
Quadrox Ports: 3389,1518,80,(TCP) 4096-4224 (UDP)


Axis still image format :

Axis streaming MJPEG cgi format:

Vivotek still image format :×400

HIKVision still image format :


1080p vs 720p


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