How To Keep Your Business and Home Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of changes to our communities – from businesses temporarily closing their doors, to people staying at home to keep our cities safe and healthy. But some of these changes have had other consequences – crimes against businesses and home thefts have also started to rise since the initial shut down. You shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your home and business safe, on top of the new changes and concerns you may be experiencing.

Below, we outline some simple ways to help keep your home and business safe during this pandemic.


Hide Valuable Items

Thieves often do a preliminary scan to see if there is any item worth stealing – from inventory and large TV’s to small change and everyday items. It is critical to keep high-value items hidden from view or secured away to prevent break-ins. If you have a business, make sure your stock is secured in a back room and not visible from the street. Having a sign that lets people know that inventory and cash are not kept on-site can also be helpful!

At home, keep your cars clear of any items that may be worth a quick smash-and-grab for a thief – even the change in your console! Garage door openers or additional keys are also valuable for thieves, as this gives them access to your home where more items may be stored.

If you have been doing some online shopping and have had high-ticket items delivered, make sure to store any boxes indoors so that no one is the wiser that you just got an expensive new electronic that would be worth an attempted break-in.


Keep All Entrances Locked

It may seem simple, but one of the best first lines of defence is making sure that all your doors and access points are locked. Car doors are especially important, as many criminals will ‘test’ doors in a community and take advantage of any opportunity. At home, make sure that all exterior doors are locked, and any additional interior doors, such as garage access or balcony access, have been locked too. 

If you have had to step away from your business temporarily, ensure that all entrances have been secured, and check-in with your building to see if any additional security is available while you’re away. 


Monitor Remotely 24/7

At home and at work, it is important to make sure you can keep an eye on your property remotely to ensure that your home or business is safe. Having security cameras, motion-sensor floodlights, and an alarm system can be enough to deter potential crime, but if a break-in does take place, having these security measures set up allows you to take quick action and report the crime to police, and provide evidence to your local Crime Stoppers or insurance company. 

At Bullet Security, we create custom security solutions that fit your unique needs. Our security cameras allow you to monitor your property from your phone 24/7, which can be especially helpful when you have to be far away from your business. 


There are simple ways to keep your home or business safe, but having a team behind you can help ease your mind in these uncertain times. If you are looking to enhance your security system, give the experts at Bullet Security a call, and we will work alongside you to develop the best security system for you!

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