4 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe This Holiday Season

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Everybody knows that the holiday season is accompanied with an increase in crime. This is particularly true in uncertain times such as now, with more unemployment and reduced business hours. Bullet Security recommends having the following tools in place to protect your business against theft and property damage:

Ensure Your Security System is Up to Date

Lets face it, when was the last time you inspected your security system to ensure everything is working properly? Remember that a security system is a network of many integrated electronic devices that are working together. Whether it is a faulty sensor, a low battery, or a connection error, it may be worth verifying all of the equipment is working properly. This includes updating or replacing any important security system components.

Install HD Cameras

When it comes to monitoring your business, having a high-resolution camera is a must. Having a high definition camera will provide you with better image quality and more vivid details of any suspicious behavior around your property.

Ensure Each Entrance Has an Alarm

Consider alarming those entrances that are hardly used and are often kept locked. Alarm sensors are easy to install and are effective. Ensure your business is fully protected from any intruders by installing alarm sensors on all doors and windows. 

Access Control Protection

While you are investing your time and money into securing your business with alarms and surveillance, why compromise when it comes to who has access?  Increase the security of your valuables with a system that is programmable and trackable, unlike traditional locks and keys which can be lost or duplicated. Still, considering if your business really needs access control? Click here for 4 benefits on why we recommend stepping up your security! 


We hope these tips will help you protect your business from any potential increase in crime this holiday season. Security may feel overwhelming, but having a team behind you can help ease your mind in these uncertain times. If you are looking to enhance your security system, give the experts at Bullet Security a call, and we will work alongside you to develop the best security system for you!

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