Keep Your Building Secure with Intercom Security Bars

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It’s a troubling trend around Victoria – an increase in break-ins and thefts through intercom tampering. Thieves will break into a building’s intercom system, reset the system and access the building with ease, targeting parking garages or even condos and apartments.

Thankfully there’s a simple solution that can easily keep your building secure – an intercom security bar. Much like a bike lock, these security bars ensure that no one can tamper with your intercom system and unlawfully access your communal property.


This simple, low-tech solution works on any intercom system, and can be installed quickly and easily. Learn more about the resurgence of intercom tampering and how Bullet Security is here to help by watching our feature on CTV (at the 5:20 mark below)


Looking to protect your building? Contact the security experts at Bullet Security today for your free consultation!


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