Why Your Business Should Update Their Security Cameras

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With summer quickly approaching, there’s no better time to upgrade your business’ security cameras! Whether you’re on the hunt for a clearer picture, better coverage, or even longer recording times, Bullet Security has a variety of equipment to customize the security of your property.

Below are three ways that upgrading your security solution can help your business:

HD Footage

With higher resolution footage, you’ll ensure that your business is fully secured. The clearer picture that HD security cameras provide will help you obtain a clearer image of anyone that isn’t supposed to be in or around your business. Upgrading to HD footage helps to further protect your property by seeing who is trying to access your building, and also assists law enforcement if you’re planning on submitting this information and video in the event of a theft or damage to your property.


Maximum Coverage

By optimizing the protected space on your property, you can make sure there’s always an eye on every part of your business. You can customize the placement of your security cameras to ensure you are monitoring specific entryways that require extra security, such as a back entry, or a location within your business that stores high-value inventory. We work with you to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage for your space and security needs! During our team’s installation process, we are able to link your existing systems to ours to widen your monitored areas.


Longer Recording Times

With longer recordings and additional storage space, our video recorders provide additional footage that allows you to record and review your security for longer periods of time. For example, this would be helpful in the case of someone who is continuously trying to re-enter your business. By having access to your security footage for longer, it makes it that much easier to go back and review and compare similar instances. This makes it easier to keep your space secure and lessens the chance of perpetrators trying to re-enter your premises.

The benefits of upgrading your security cameras are crystal clear, and your footage will be too! Bullet Security wants you and your property to feel as safe and secure as possible. We do this by focusing on educational during your installation experience, while supplying your team with the right tools and information to fully understand the benefits and functions of your new security system.

Sounding like the clear choice for your business? Contact us today for a FREE consultation. We will set your business up with the picture-perfect installation. Upgrading with Bullet Security provides you with quality you can count on!

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