5 Things Every Retail Store’s Security System Needs

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Having served both Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 15 years, we at Bullet Security know first-hand what 5 things every retail store’s security system needs to thrive… especially in a post-COVID world, when crime rates are higher than ever before!

If you are looking to invest in your retail store’s security system, here are the 5 non-negotiables that will keep your store safe and secure:


#1: An Up-To-Date Alarm System

Commercial alarm systems provide security, safety, and, of course, scalability as your business grows. Make securing your property simple with an up-to-date one.

Here are the components our team of experts recommends you look for in a commercial alarm system:

  • Hidden wireless sensors on all main door contacts
  • Deadbolts
  • Smoke detectors
  • Visual touchscreen control panels
  • Remote management
  • Connectivity with your phone and/or laptop

The Bullet Advantage: Turn to Bullet Security for your commercial alarm system set-up and enjoy ongoing tech support, a flexible month-to-month arrangement with no contract required, and text and email alerts from our team.


#2: Scalable Commercial Security Cameras

Whether you are looking to add on to your existing surveillance system or are setting one up for the first time, having scalable commercial security cameras are a must.

When seeking a commercial security camera system, here is what to shop for:

  • The ability to connect your surveillance with existing cameras and access control systems
  • High Definition video
  • Limitless scale
  • IP cameras
  • The ability to access the surveillance remotely

The Bullet Advantage: Bullet Security offers full user training to guarantee that you are leveraging your newly-installed surveillance system to its fullest.


#3: ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring is crucial for any commercial building: it is an investment that pays itself off yearly by providing secure, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-adjust fire protection for your employees and goods.

Be sure to aim for the following when choosing ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring:

  • No-charge installation
  • A walkthrough of its usage
  • A good warranty
  • Dual-path features

The Bullet Advantage: We offer a no-term agreement, no-charge installation, both supply and warranty equipment, and dual-path ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring.


#4: General Commercial Access Control

General large system access control for commercial residence is a must-have in order to reduce your costs and protect your liability.

More secure than standard locks and keys, general commercial access control makes your control accessible, non-duplicable, and conveniently monitored.

Be sure to check these traits off your list when installing or upgrading yours:

  • Programmable
  • Trackable
  • Cost-effective

The Bullet Security Advantage: Protect your employees, increase the convenience of your business’s access control, reduce overall costs, and modify certain areas on-the-fly with Bullet Security’s unique flexibility and tech support.


#5: Last But Not Least, the Final of the 5 Things Every Retail Store’s Security System Needs… a Reliable Security Installation Company

If you are looking to upgrade your retail store’s security system using one or more of the above methods, don’t wait: reach the Bullet Security team today through phone, email, or our contact form.




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