The 5 Things Your Apartment Building Security System Needs

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Having served Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 15 years, you could say that we at Bullet Security know everything you need for apartment building security.

Today, our team of experts are detailing the 5 things your apartment building security needs… and why not having these features is leaving your buildings (and residents) at heightened risk.

A High-Quality Intercom

Simultaneously controlling and monitoring resident and visitor traffic in and out of apartment buildings are a must when it comes to safety.

A high-quality intercom will provide a fully-integrated telephone entry and access control solution that will simultaneously streamline and simplify these non-negotiables. One of our top picks for this is the Kantech KTES Intercom, which provides the following:

  • Visitor and resident registration
  • Straightforward tracking and reporting
  • A two-way audio system
  • The option for integrated video verification
  • A touch-tone keypad for easy resident and approved visitor access

To add an extra layer of security to your intercom and prevent tampering, adding an Intercom Security Bar is an essential layer of protection your building needs.

A Keyfob Access Control System

Having a keyfob system that is easy to program and reprogram is crucial for having a security safety net for your apartment building.  Residents can easily fob in through doors, and it’s simple to delete a fob that goes missing or is not retuned when a tenant moves out.

At Bullet Security, we highly recommend the Kantech Access Control System for this purpose. With a support for unlimited doors and users, integration with the building intercom system, remote access for operation and programming, and much more, you can provide your residents and their visitors with peace of mind knowing that you have a robust keyfob system at the tips of your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

High Definition (HD) Video Cameras

Our list of the 5 things your apartment building security needs wouldn’t be complete without a High Definition (HD) camera.

With British Columbia’s crime rate increasing by 17.3% in 2019 alone, COVID-19 has ushered in a new age of increased break ins, theft, and general street-related violence. As such, having a high definition camera system as part of your apartment building’s security system has never been more essential.

The Turbo HD Dome Cameras line offers a high definition view in a compact and easily-installed package. These cameras are built to be mounted to ceilings or walls for maximum flexibility and operate well even in dark conditions. Available in three versions (2MP, 5MP, or 8MP aka 4K).

A Reliable Video Recorder

Reliable data retention is everything. This is especially true when monitoring for attempted break-ins and general suspicious activity both in and around your apartment building.

The iVMS Digital Video Recorders for example, reliably record between 30-60 days of history. Its smart DVR function automatically removes its oldest recordings when capacity is reached. The DVR can record on motion, continuously 24/7, or on a set schedule.

As a final benefit, the iVMS Digital Video Recorders support Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Last But Not Least, You Need a Trusted Security Company

Have your security done right the first time with Bullet Security.

If you have further questions about what installations we would recommend to keep your apartment building at its safest, reach out to our team of trusted security experts today.


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