3 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Home Security

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You upgrade other key features of your home as-needed, whether it be appliances, furniture, or supplies. So why should your home security system (arguably the most important feature your home has!) fall to the wayside?

Today, we here at Bullet Security detail how (and why!) you should upgrade your home security system.


Recommended Upgrade #1: HD Home Security Cameras

Having served Victoria communities for over 15 years, we know the cornerstones of any airtight home security system. One of those cornerstones is an HD home security camera.

Whether it be high-definition IP dome cameras, fisheye 360-degree cameras, hidden pinhole HD IP cameras, or any of the many variations seen on our product page, an upgraded home security camera helps to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of security and convenience available on the market.

Some of these quality-of-life features may include:

  • Clearer picture, audio, and/or video capabilities
  • Improved storage capabilities
  • Built-in infrared for nighttime vision capabilities
  • Remote viewing capabilities

Signs that your existing home security system needs upgrading commonly include faulty footage, difficulty with remote viewing or controlling, and issues with its motion sensor.


Recommended Upgrade #2: The Ability to Access Your Alarm System 24/7 From Your Phone

If you haven’t upgraded your home security system to include the ability to access your alarm system 24/7 from your phone, you are significantly missing out with both security and convenience.

The Bullet advantage, for example, includes complete control from your mobile device or computer, real-time text and email alerts, wireless systems, and reliable monitoring. 

Our technology has the capability to connect hidden sensors on deadbolts, door contacts, smoke detectors, and more in order for you to easily and securely manage the entirety of your alarm system. These alarm systems can be routed through either your landline or your mobile device depending on your preferred method of communication.

Why choose the bullet advantage? To reap the maximum security available to your loved ones and home’s value.


Recommended Upgrade #3: Key Fob Access To Your Property

Key fob access to your property is particularly important if you live on a large rural property or, alternatively, a more urban center where theft is a concern.

Key fobs provide homeowners the opportunity to:

  • Simplify their home security system by doing away with keys
  • Improve access control
  • Eliminate the costs of re-keying

If you are looking to upgrade your home security system using one or more of the above methods, don’t wait: reach the Bullet Security team today through phone, email, or our contact form.


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